social emotional learning skills


School Organizational Contexts, Teacher Turnover, and Student Achievement: The Research Alliance for New York City Schools

Article by Matthew A. Kraft, Brown University – William H. Marinell, Harvard University – Darrick Yee, Harvard University, 2016

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) 


How Kids Learn Resilience

Article by Paul Tough, 2016

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How do skills outside of typical academic skills improve a child’s success in school and life?

While academic success in core subjects has served as the platform by which the U.S. has tried to improve academic outcomes over the past decade, increasing understanding and acknowledgement is being given to the important parallel role of developing workforce and life skills.  Now often referred to “social/emotional skills”, these skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, organization, communication and leadership are proving to be critical drivers in academic and life-long success. As new research is reinforcing, these skills can be intentionally taught and practiced alongside and in conjunction with academic skills to improve educational outcomes. For more information on intentionally building social/emotional skills, please visit the artifacts below.