Community support



How Does Poverty Influence Learning?

Article by Budge, Kathleen and Parrett, William, 2016

The Early Catastrophe: The Thirty Million Word Gap by Age Three

Article by Hart, Betty and Risely, Todd, 2003

Closing The Opportunity Gap

Article by Putnam, Robert, 2016

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How is a student’s success in school impacted by exposure to resources within their community?

Children from low-income families hear as many as 30 million fewer words by the age of four than their higher-income peers according to a study by Betty Hart and Todd Risely. Over the last 40 YEARS, lower income families have increased spending on structured learning opportunities and enrichment by $480 PER YEAR, whereas upper income parents have increased their spending nearly $5,300. Research also demonstrates that the experience gap can be intentionally closed by school and community organizations standing in the gap through making connections, giving experiences, improving language skills, instilling a love of learning and connecting academics to solving industry-related problems. For more on how a community can support its learners, please see the artifacts below.