adult connection


"Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story"

Video by Josh Shipp, 2016

Improving Students' Relationships with Teachers to Provide Essential Supports for Learning

Article by Sara Rimm-Kaufman, PhD, and Lia Sandilos, 2011

Building Adult Capabilities to Improve Child Outcomes: A Theory of Change

Video by The Center on the Developing Child-Harvard University, 2013

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How can the connection to one caring adult impact a student’s achievement?

Often, students participate in their education without ever having a direct connection to an adult in their school. With mounting pressures to increase academic achievement and tight daily schedules due to expectations and increasingly more common 4 day school weeks, school staff often doesn’t have the opportunity to connect with students on a personal level. Through GSN’s daily or weekly Advocacy program, structures are put in place intentionally to allow for this connection, which has incredible impact on a student’s achievement.