Family Involvement in Education: How Important is it? What Can Legislators Do?

Article by Bogenschneider, Karen and Johnson, Carol. Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars, 2004

The Effect of Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement

Article by Pinantoan, Adrianes, 2013

To Help Kids Thrive, Coach Their Parents

Article by Paul Tough, 2016

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Can a child succeed without family support? 

Family involvement is a critical supporting factor for a child’s success in school. Limited engagement on the part of family can exacerbate academic difficulties and contribute to low student achievement. One in every three parents are disengaged from their child’s school life according to the Policy Institute for Family Impact. Often this doesn’t stem from the lack of concern or commitment to their child, but rather is complicated by issues of poverty, language barriers, education level, and their own negative school experience.