The Journey to Student Success website is a repository of 10+ years of research and work by Generation Schools Network (GSN), an educational nonprofit, with generous funding from the Ford Foundation.

Through interviews, articles, practitioner exemplars, and student work, stakeholders will gain a common understanding of what helps students succeed and how challenges can be mitigated, giving us a shared language for working together to support the next generation. 

Special thanks to the team: Wendy Cooper CEO, Ellen Sarkisian Project Lead, Katie Peyton Content Lead, Yael Holzman Castellands Content Designer, Victoria Sarkisian Graphic / Visual Designer, Isabelle King Researcher, Christon Harris Researcher, Alex Sarkisian Videographer, Will Bod Animator. 


Vision – Generation Schools Network transforms public schools to ensure all students – regardless of life circumstances – are prepared for success in school, work, and life.

Mission – Generation Schools Network seeks to transform public education through sustainable, scalable strategies that drive student achievement and teacher effectiveness for all students and teachers. For an example of GSN's work in schools, click here.


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